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Teresa Mandala Studio

Releasing The Divine Feminine

Releasing The Divine Feminine

Large Vase

6" x 7" x 14"

If nothing else the last couple of years have given us time to take a closer look at our systems and structures in society. We've seen the break downs and how it isn't equitable to all humans, animals, and nature.

At the same time I've seen a rising energy imagining and creating a new paradigm. Evaluating what should stay and what should be torn down. This is the rise of the divine feminine. 

The divine feminine isn't only portrayed in women, anyone can embody this energy. You only need to open yourself up to creating a new world. It isn't forced, it is nurtured. It is less doing and more receiving and allowing. It's less judgement and more compassionate listening. It's less action and more imagining. It's less thinking about ourselves and more thinking about the whole. 

This vase was created to remind you to embrace this energy. Inquire about the power of this energy in your life.


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