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Teresa Mandala Studio



Porcelain Wall Art

(Wire is attached on the back to hang on the wall.)

12” x 12” x 3.5”

Have you heard of the invisible ship phenomenon? There is a myth that says once there was a ship approaching new land, but the native people that lived there completely ignored it. In fact it was so foreign to them that they couldn't even see it. Their minds couldn't register this new experience. A healer/medicine man from the tribe was the only person that began to see the ship. At first as a mirage. When he tried to tell the other tribesmen, no one believed him until it was too late the newcomers were already coming to shore.

The mind is an amazing thing, but this story demonstrates that it is also skilled at deceiving us. How many times have you lost something when in fact it was right in front of you? When you rely too heavily on your mind, you can often be deceived. My meditation practice has shown me that our intelligence doesn't necessarily come from our mind, but from our hearts. May this piece remind you to relate to the world around you from your heart.  

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