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Teresa Mandala Studio

Interdependence - Print

Interdependence - Print

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 I'm now offering prints of this original painting that is currently being shown at Wildside Gallery in Port Angeles, WA.

As the years go by I am constantly reminded how dependent I am to the natural world that surrounds me. Water is one of our most precious resources, yet our society takes it for granted. We would rather fertilize our lawns and dump sewage in our waterways than realize the connection we have to our actions. 

I often ask myself why have we become so arrogant to think we dominate the natural world rather than what we actual are – a part of it. Only a part. When I feel overwhelmed that the system change we need is out of my control I create work that hopefully reminds people of this truth.

This is for all my nature lovers out there. May this remind you of the wisdom ancient cultures embraced and what we've forgotten.


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