Sometimes You Just Have to Let Go

Sometimes You Just Have to Let Go

Case in point, my intention for this post was to create a slow-motion video of me breaking the polar bear piece I created at the end of last year. (Don't worry, the piece already had a crack in it.) However, it had other ideas. As life often does. After setting up my tripod and finding a spot to break it, the video had technical issues and did not capture the climactic moment in action. But I was able to capture a still of the after-math. 

The process of ceramics has become my spiritual practice. It has shown me a whole different level to the meaning of patience and acceptance. There is such a long process from concept to completion that leaves so many opportunities for things to go "wrong". Which often leaves the question, "What is important when creating?" Is it the end product? The monetary gain from selling the piece? The process? The bragging rights that you can create from nothing? Fame and recognition for your skill?

Increasing my income sounds really good and I could definitely use it! But I know from experience, people with money aren't happier or necessarily "better off". Fame and recognition – yes, please! I've always felt I flew way under-the-radar and have feared/craved attention since my earliest memories. But would it fulfill me? Probably not. I'd still feel like I wasn't living my life's purpose. In the end, the process of creating has always filled my heart to the brim and intuitively have always felt it was part of my bigger purpose. 

The process of creating allows me to connect with the universal life force. It never feels like it is coming from me, but rather through me to speak to the world. I'm only the vessel. I'm honored when people reach out to me to express how much a piece meant to them or how it touched a very hidden part of themselves and they felt seen. That connection is what I crave. 

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I love your process Theresa. The class this past weekend was really special. Thank you


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