"The Soul's Journey"
"The Soul's Journey"

"The Soul's Journey"

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Porcelain Wall Art

(Wire is attached on the back to hang on the wall.)

12” x 12” x 4.5”

This ceramic wall art bevels out of the wall. I often work in this form because it allows me to play with several different concepts. Because of its partial sphere shape, it can represent the earth, cycles, different perspectives, and a focused view.

The pattern work in the rocks that are showing up recently represents the generational impact we have to earth. It's rich with knowledge for us in the present if we are able to see it in its Truth. 

Owls to me represent this higher knowledge that we usually aren't privy to. So, when they show up in my work it represents a divine moment. A moment where you notice your own higher self.

*This piece has a minor crack seen on the back. It's a small flaw that does not hurt the integrity of the piece. The price is reduced to reflect this imperfection. If interested in purchasing feel free to email us and we will share photos.

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